You are an ambitious soul-oriented entrepreneur with a passion for your craft and a desire to grow your impact in alignment with your soul's purpose.

You're a visionary with big dreams and a creative fire deep within that is begging to break free.

You're deeply spiritual and desire to cultivate a deeper relationship with your intuition and higher power, so you are better equipped to navigate the nuances of every day life.

You want to experience the magic and flow of life that is available in the present moment, while continuing to create momentum towards those big visions and dreams you have for the future.

You've transitioned "through the void" and are ready to activate the next level of your personal evolution.

You know you're not here to re-invent the wheel... rather you're here to craft an entirely new path.

You are a pioneer. And you're ready to fully embrace yourself as the visionary artist of your life and business.

For the visionary entrepreneur who knows they're here to pave a new way forward.

I''m Hannah Rose Deacon

I guide entrepreneurs to become the visionary artist of their life and business, and tap into the flow & magic of their inner world.

My journey has been anything but linear. My teenage years into young adulthood were characterized with depression, so I know first hand what it's like to NOT experience magic and flow.

In 2013 I discovered the quantum principles of manifestation and experienced my first "spiritual awakening".

Very quickly I manifested my soul-mate, a move from Canada to Australia where I could experience my dream lifestyle in a warm climate, and an opportunity to start my own business. Not long after, my soul-mate asked me to marry him.

I got everything I thought I wanted... and I still wasn't okay inside. Of course, I wanted to know why...

Thus began a very intense journey of spiritual seeking, healing & transformation.

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Running parallel to my spiritual journey was my entrepreneurial journey. From the time I started my first business in 2015 came many iterations, successes, failures and transitions.

In 2019 I officially became an independent artist with the release of a number of singles and my original Debut EP.

In 2020 these 3 distinct journey's as a spiritual seeker, business owner & artist began to integrate when I launched my coaching and mentoring company:
Brand Alchemy Academy.

Multidimensional Artist, Songstress & Life and Business Mentor

Brand Alchemy Academy's
Integrated Approach


A completely multidimensional and intuitive approach to Spiritual, life and business mentorship

Personal & Spiritual Alignment

Human Design
Inner Child Healing
Emotional Alchemy
Relationship with Self,
Others, God

Business Alignment

Brand Messaging & Positioning
Business Structure & Systems
Marketing & Strategy
Multi-passionate brand integration
Money & Wealth

Potential Tools, Modalities & Areas of Focus

Hannah Kim,
Classical Singer & Voice Coach (USA)

"I’ve spent about 20k on programs and coaches in the past, and you are by far the best coach I’ve ever worked with. You’re supremely gifted and a rare human being. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and blessing our lives. I’m thrilled with where I am now after going through the coaching with you and I’m looking forward to continuing on this path & deepening into this work."

What Clients Say

Janelle Clayton-Wilks, Life & Relationship Coach @ Awakenings Life Coaching
(Gold Coast, Australia)

“Working with Hannah has transformed my business and given me so much confidence and clarity in the unique value I offer. A few weeks into working with her, I raised my prices and signed my first premium client at my new rates! Hannah’s approach is very heart-based and easy to follow. I feel my vision for my business is really possible now and can't wait to continue seeing where this takes me!”

What Clients Say

Angela Hryniuk, International Speaker, Author & Leading Transpersonal & Spiritual Wealth Expert,
(Gold Coast, Australia)

"Having worked with Hannah over the past few years in various capacities, she’s been a wonder, each time, to behold. I’ve watched this young woman gain strength after strength in confidence and expertise in the marketing and branding space and in the marketplace. But don’t let her youthfulness fool you. Being gifted in having both an overarching view of what a heart centred business needs, coupled with her keen sense of detail and swiftness, she holds insight, wisdom and very practical advice beyond her years. I look forward to watching Hannah’s continued trajectory, ‘cuz she’s a woman and a business owner who’s on the move."

What Clients Say

Arn Andersson, Composer, Digital Nomad & Co-Founder of Evenant (Melbourne, Australia)

“Hannah’s strengths are in being able to pick apart the puzzle pieces, simplify the process and put things into very clearly defined action steps. She’s able to help you find the right words to create that emotional response, and effectively communicate your vision to your audience. Instead of using hundreds of steps or over complicating things, Hannah will help you cut through the overwhelm and narrow things down to a simple action plan, so you can grow your business & effectively share your message without feeling like you have to do everything at once.”

What Clients Say


Explore themes of spiritual discovery, self-empowerment, love, healing and more through music, media & art.


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Interested in a complimentary visionary human design reading?

Visionary Human Design integrates two different systems of human design (cosmic human design & mainstream human design) to give you an in-depth snapshot of your unique energetic blueprint, multi-dimensional gifts, and lessons you came to learn in this lifetime.


Visionary Human Design integrates two different systems of human design (cosmic human design & mainstream human design) to give you an in-depth snapshot of your unique energetic blueprint, multi-dimensional gifts, and lessons you came to learn in this lifetime.

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