3 Types of Systems Essential To Massive Growth

October 24, 2020

I often talk a lot about building your foundations. In case you haven’t realised, I’m a big believer in setting up solid foundations from which your business and brand can thrive LONG-TERM.


And yet, so many people overlook the foundational principles in business.


They want that shiny, sexy new marketing funnel, photos or website. They spend time investing in ring lights, getting their IG aesthetic just right, or spend hours trying to make their newsletters look pretty.


Well I’m here to tell you – all that is just a big fat waste of your time.


Now to be clear – I’m not saying you should NEVER have a fancy marketing funnel, invest in a website or buy a ring light…


What I am saying is that none of those things are as important as building your foundations in business.


If you have a wobbly foundation, your business just won’t last. You’ll constantly be chasing clients and feel like “you never catch a break”. You’ll be in a constant state of overwhelm and stress as you keep thinking of “new” and better ways to get new clients.


“Alright, we get it Hannah. Foundations are key to growth”.


Yes, exactly. Foundations are key for massive expansion and growth – which is something we all want right?


And you want to know what foundations are key in order to facilitate massive growth without crazy stress and overwhelm? SYSTEMS!

Yep, systems.


Boring, you say? Nope. Systems are sexy.


Let me share with you – My Top 3 most foundational, sexy systems you could put in place early on in your business to support your growth!


1) Google-Cal, Drive, Suite (Literally everything Google)


Google Calendar




These were my first ever organisational tools in business – that I literally cannot live without. I got in the habit of getting these set up very early on in my business – organising my G-drive correctly, setting up my email domains in G-Suite and using google calendar to schedule EVERYTHING.


I honestly don’t know how I would’ve survived without these tools.


2) Time-Tracking


When I introduce time tracking to clients most of them have massive resistance to it. And yes I get it, because I did too when my coach first recommended it to me…


But time tracking is CRUCIAL to understanding where you spend time in your business, where you’re potentially having “time leakages” and what key areas you need to outsource as you grow.


I personally use Toggl for time tracking.


3) Automated Marketing System


There are many different types of marketing systems. I personally use Kartra as it is an “all-in-one” system.


I use it to send emails to my list, set up campaigns and sequences, build basic lead pages and funnels for lead magnets and masterclasses and take payments. (The system is integrated with my Paypal account). It can also host courses and has a range of other capabilities… so itโ€™s great for when you are ready to build that fancy marketing funnel ๐Ÿ˜‰


There are many other types of marketing systems but I definitely prefer an “all-in-one” system as I find there is massive cost savings and it’s just so much easier to navigate!


So there you have it! My Top 3 Foundational Systems, essential for massive growth in your business!


There are so many more myself and my clients use but I wanted to highlight 3 to start with.


Systems are just one aspect of the business foundations I support my clients in creating. Are you ready to create a solid infrastructure in your business to support and sustain massive expansion?


Book a Free Brand Clarity Call with me to find out how you can do exactly that!


Hannah x

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