The 3 Stages of Building a Purposeful + Profitable Global Brand

October 24, 2020

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you want to attract more dream clients and build a purposeful and profitable brand in a way that feels authentic and aligned to YOU, am I right?


And yet, actually doing that can feel complicated and overwhelming.


And let’s be honest, with everything going on in the world right now, we really don’t need more confusion and overwhelm.


So in today’s blog, I’m going to recap my super straight-forward 3 Stages to Building a Purposeful & Profitable Global Brand! (To download the complete blueprint for FREE, click here)


Think of this as a permission slip to really keep it simple and throw your overwhelm out the window. Cause branding and marketing SHOULD NOT be complicated.


Ready? Let’s go.




This stage is all about creating strong BRAND FOUNDATIONS, defining who your brand is and positioning that brand to magnetically attract your dream client avatar.


While cash flow is the lifeblood of your business, your brand foundations are… well, the foundations. They’re super important if you want to build something that will last and make the impact you want to make!


This stage includes:


>> Your Unique Brand Voice & Identity

>> Getting super clear on who your dream client avatar is. I mean like, have a freakishly good understanding of your people, their challenges, desires, and more.

>> Your Unique Value Proposition that will MAGNETICALLY attract your dream client avatar. What makes you different? Why will they choose you over someone else? Make it clear!


And so much more!

How do you know if your brand foundations are wobbly? Simple. Your marketing message falls flat and you’re not attracting those DREAM clients… aka the clients you really LOVE, pay you the best money, and you want more of!




In this stage you’ve now positioned your brand so you can magnetically attract your dream client avatar AND you’re out in the world – connecting and nurturing potential leads (aka MARKETING!) 


This stage requires you to:


>> Get in front of your audience and start a conversation

>> Give your audience value and help them achieve outcomes THEY want

>> Build trust and nurture that trust over time


The key thing to note here is the conversation part. You need to start conversing with your audience and SHOW them you are trustworthy. Only when someone trusts you will they be willing to buy from you.


Some ways to establish trust:

  • Giving value and demonstrating your prowess in your field
  • Helping them solve a problem simply by engaging with you
  • Making promises and OVER-DELIVERING on that promise
  • Showing you are a genuine heart-centered person and actually have their best interest at heart




In this stage, you have:


>> A seamless sales process and pathway to bring clients in

>> Clients interested to do the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd purchase

>> Brand loyalty with clients often sharing your products & services with their friends 


This is also where SYSTEMS, AUTOMATION & EVERGREEN style marketing comes into play. 


This is generally the stage where you may launch a website, funnels, create lead magnets or start to create more than 1 signature offer. It’s also the stage where you start to outsource, delegate and hire a team!


These 3 stages work in a cyclical motion – and when you start elevating your brand, you constantly cycle through different stages as YOU and YOUR CLIENTS start to up-level!


So, have you identified which stage your business is currently in?


Are you wanting to know more about the EXACT activities you should be focusing on to build that purposeful and profitable brand as quickly as possible?


I’ve created a FREE Blueprint to help you do exactly that!


This blueprint goes even more in depth into each of these 3 stages – and explains exactly what you need to focus on within each stage to attract more dream clients and build the purposeful & profitable heart-centered brand of your dreams!


You can download it off the Home Page of our Website! Click Here


With love,



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