Why “Taking Massive Action” WON’T Get You Results… And What WILL!

October 24, 2020

Yup, I said it. “Taking Massive Action” will not get you the results you want… *Gasp*

If you’re anything like me, everytime you see the phrase “The key to success is taking MASSIVE ACTION”… you cringe.


Cause it’s just NOT the truth.


Yes, action is required to grow the profitable & purposeful business of our dreams…


But it’s less than 20% of what actually creates the results!


Let me explain…


Quite early on in my business journey I was introduced to the “80/20” success principle. That is – 80% of the results come from the INNER WORK. 20% of the results come from the EXTERNAL WORK (aka the strategy and actions).


Furthermore, in order for those actions to make any difference, they must be massive, ENERGETICALLY ALIGNED, actions.


This means, aligning our internal reality first, and then taking actions from this place of energetic alignment and higher vibration.


Just “doing” for the sake of doing won’t get you anywhere.

You feel me?


So let’s break this down even further.

THE INNER WORK (80%) consists of:


  • Your mindset & subconscious beliefs
  • Your emotions
  • Your frequency and vibration
  • How you ENERGETICALLY show up in your business each day
  • The practices you apply to help with all the above


THE EXTERNAL WORK (20%) consists of:


  • The marketing strategies
  • The actions you take
  • The systems, processes and structures you have in place
  • “The How”


Here’s how the 80/20 success principle works in real life:


Recently one of my mastermind students shared that with her busy schedule she often “doesn’t have time” to meditate or journal (an inner work activity).


After discussing this further, she had an “ah ha” moment. She reflected that when she is super busy and doesn’t make time for “the inner work”, she notices that she has more client cancellations, there’s less flow in her business, and it all together just feels like hard work.


But when she lets go of the “doing-ness” and “busy-ness” and makes time for her inner work REGARDLESS of having a huge “to do” list – clients show up 100% of the time, new clients get referred to her out of the blue, they get better results, she moves through her to do list more quickly and efficiently, and everything just “flows”.


This is a prime example of the inner work equating to 80% of your results, and the external strategies counting for the final 20%. And it’s just one example! I have countless more both from my clients and my own experience.


So here’s my recommendation..


Make the Inner Work a PART of your DAILY BUSINESS ACTIVITIES!


This is precisely why my approach whether working with clients 1:1 or via my group or online offerings includes BOTH the business & brand strategy, as well as the mindset & inner work.


We map out the STRATEGY to building that purposeful & profitable brand, and back it up with the integration and embodiment of the inner work.


This is what it looks like to approach your business and brand from a heart-centered place.


So, are you ready to do the REAL work – and build that purposeful & profitable heart-centered brand you’ve always dreamed of?


Book a FREE Brand Clarity Call to find out how we can potentially work together!




I want to see YOU thriving in your business and brand, sharing your stories & magic with the world, and truly allowing YOUR GIFTS to shine & be of service to your dream clients (and all of humanity).


Let’s make it happen!

With love,

H. x

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