How To Convert Dream Clients Like A Boss, WITHOUT Salesy or Sleezy Marketing Tactics

May 12, 2021

Real talk… our conversion rates at Brand Alchemy Academy sit around 80% from first conversations… which, if I’m being honest, is pretty unheard of in this industry!

But I’m not writing this blog to brag or talk about how awesome our conversion rates are. Rather I want to break down exactly WHY our conversions are so high and how you can create the same in your business, using 100% soul-based methods… (No tricks, gimmicks, or fear-based tactics!)

So let’s dive in, shall we?

Now before we start talking about the “How To”, I want to rewind a little bit, back to 2015, when I got my first freelance job as a marketing and sales assistant to a 7-figure entrepreneur & speaker trainer who ran live workshops across Australia.

His general sales pathway was as follows…

He’d sell out his half-day workshops via FB Ads and organic marketing. These workshops cost a small fee to attend which essentially paid for the cost of the venue and catering.

At the end of the half-day workshop, he’d make an offer and invite everyone to join him at his longer 3-day workshop. It was a pretty big leap in terms of price from the half-day to full 3-day workshop! But it worked, with the help of me as a sales assistant, and certain strategies employed throughout the presentation.

My role as a sales assistant was to sit down individually with participants at the break after the offer had been presented, and help get them over the line.

If I’m being honest, this role absolutely terrified me. I hated sales back then! But the guy who hired me was CONVINCED that I’d be really good at it, so never being one to shy away from a challenge, I decided to give it a go.

While the sales anxiety was real, once I sat down with these individuals, the conversation just flowed. Intuitively I knew to ask specific questions, getting to know the individual – their hopes, dreams, and current challenges. I wanted to understand why they had come to this half-day workshop, what possibilities they were dreaming of, and help them get out of their own way if it was indeed the right next step for them.

After listening, I would then simply share how I felt they’d get that much closer to their hopes and dreams through the 3-day workshop offer. If they were full of excuses and holding themselves back from fear, I’d gently point it out. Some were willing to see it, and some were stuck in their stories. The ones who saw it, always signed on the dotted line in the end.

While we were taught scripts, many times I went off script and simply followed my intuition, which always ended up working better. Unknowingly, I had discovered the secrets to heart-centered sales!

Soon after I started leading Sales Training for my entrepreneurial boss’s clients, and… well… the rest is history!

So let’s unpack this a little bit.

You’ve probably heard that the way a relationship starts, is usually the way it ends, right?

So how are you starting your relationship with potential new clients? Are you pressuring them or using scare tactics to buy from you? Or are you giving them space to make their own choice out of their own DESIRE?

Are you actually listening to them and making an effort to understand their challenges and desires?

Or are you obsessing about “trying to say the right thing”?

When it comes to a genuine sales conversation, these are a must:

1. Get Present & Ask Questions

Why are they here, speaking with you? 

What are they struggling with?

What are their hopes, dreams, and desires? Who, or Where do they want to be?

Is what you’re offering actually going to help them?

LISTEN to how they respond to these questions… so you can offer the right solution.

2. Map Out a Sales Pathway

Just like my first entrepreneurial boss had his pathway of Half-Day Workshop to Premium Workshop, it’s important to have an actual pathway that builds trust and makes it easy for your potential clients to say YES.

In the online world, this could be as simple as: Free Discovery Call >> Intro Offer >> Premium Package

3. Embody the Right Mindset & Energy

This is absolutely fundamental to soulful sales conversations. Stop worrying about the sale, rejection, or sales script  —  and just let the conversation flow. 

Selling is all about knowing what your potential client desires, and offering an opportunity for them to reach those desires!

4. Sell the Transformation & Outcomes, Not the Process

Educating potential clients on your process is important so they can understand how they’ll get from where they are now to where they want to be, but the outcomes and transformation (ie. the end result they want to get to) is the MOST important aspect to speak to.

So start first by speaking to the outcomes and transformation your potential clients want, THEN educate them on the process of how you’re going to get them there.

5. Lastly, it’s incredibly important you are Pre-Qualifying your leads

This is the reason why our conversion rates at Brand Alchemy Academy are so high. By the time a potential client is having a conversation with me, they’ve already been pre-qualified to the point where I know they’re already aligned to my vibe and what I have to offer.

And there we have it my friends.

My secrets to soulful sales… aka how to convert dream clients like a boss, WITHOUT salesy or sleezy marketing tactics.

Soulful sales strategies is just one of the areas I deeply support my clients within the Brand Alchemy Mastermind Program AND when working with clients 1:1. 

From crafting a compelling signature offer that elicits, and speaks to your dream client’s DESIRES, to creating your very own Dream Client Pathway, to mastering sales calls… we cover it all!

If you’re interested in being a part of the next round of the Mastermind, you can get on the waitlist here >>>

Or if you’d prefer to explore what working together 1:1 could look like, you can book a free call >>>

Now I’d love to know, what do you find the most challenging about sales? Let me know in the comments below!

With love,


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